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K1 Massage Therapy Inc.


Everyone knows that getting a massage is great when you want to get rid of the kinks in your muscles. But massages has been known to be a therapeutic practice that can also help alleviate stress, increase the blood flow to your heart, as well as, heal various ailments. If you are in need for some massage therapy around Guelph, Ontario, come to K1 Massage Therapy Inc. Around Guelph, you won’t find another massage therapist that can provide you with great massage therapy treatments like we can.  

Are you experiencing lower back problems? Then come to K1 Massage Therapy Inc. for a deep tissue massage. Did you get injured playing basketball and are in need for a sports massage? Then you can bet that we can provide a nice massage that will have you back playing in no time. Whether you are in need of a deep tissue massage or sports massage, you can be sure that we can provide you with the massage therapy that will definitely feel a lot better. Massage therapy is a great alternative when other pain relief treatments are not working and Kieu-Oanh Nguyen, RMT, would love to help.

There are many benefits to massage therapy but it is hard to find someone who has the skills to help you experience those benefits. If you are around Guelph, we can definitely do the job that you are looking for. So come see us today and let us help you start feeling better immediately.

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